Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best Cake of 2009

And the winner is Isabel's cupcakes!

We saw MANY beautiful cakes this season, and most of them were also delicious, but our favorite this year were the cupcakes at Matt and Leigh's wedding.

Matt and Leigh were married on May 30 in a lovely outdoor ceremony at the Tannenbaum Event Center. They should also get an award for "perfect timing" as it started raining just minutes after they finished taking photos before heading inside for a fabulous and fun reception. Another unique twist at their wedding was in the way tables were invited to the buffet line. The bride and groom had prepared trivia questions for their guests about their relationship, personal preferences, etc. When someone answered a question correctly, his or her table was able to head to the buffet. Everything was lovely...but I was sure glad I saved room for dessert that night!

Things that impressed me about the cupcakes:

* They were beautiful.
* There were a variety of flavors of both cakes and frosting
* The cupcakes were very moist
* Best of all - they had a filling that was too die for!

By the way, I always taste the wedding cake BEFORE asking who made it. And my other two favorite cakes from this year just happened to also be from Isabel's!

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